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Lean by Design.

Design to nurture nature and humanity.

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Lean by Design is a videographer, urban researcher and visual storyteller based in New York City and focused on sacred space. We are involved in community-informed architectural design, city planning, preservation advocacy, and social history documentation projects for the following clients:

❃ Architecture and urban planning firms

❃ Real estate developers and building owners

❃ Universities and cultural institutions

❃ Wellness and holistic health brands

❃ Faith-based organizations

❃ Neighborhood groups and municipalities

Our work conveys a distinct vision of promoting harmony with communities and the environment. At the heart of what we do is forging a connection between people, space and earth.


Melissa Chua, founder at Lean by Design, brings over 10 years of global experience producing videos and crafting brand identities for research institutions, ad agencies and real estate firms. She came to her own sense of place by immersing herself in diverse cultural contexts, creating music, practicing Raja yoga and pouring over architecture textbooks. Her resulting sense of form and aesthetic in architectural photography is informed by nature and the human condition. Melissa holds a BS in journalism and an MBA from the University of Illinois.

Quiet mastery, earth-driven flair.

Meet Melissa.

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